IBM Lotus Notes : How to Change/Recover ID password

I recently had a user that had forgotten their original Lotus Notes password that was supplied with their ID file.

This user was created before I implemented ID Recovery so there was no copy of the ID file. I downloaded many tools from the Internet, some free and some shareware but they just didn’t work.

I finally came accross Syed Jahanzaib’s post which is a brilliant solution – full credit goes to him 🙂

You have to re-register the user with the same details and a new ID file will be created which will give access to the mail file.

1# Open Lotus Domino Admin Client, on People & Groups, Goto People.
Now search for the user , whom ID password you want to change . Double Click on it.
Note down all the info like email / user name / Short name. After making note, close it.

As shown in the image below . . .

2# Now Register a new ID by right click on People and select Register Person.
Register with exactly the same first name, middle name and last name.
Make sure you select Mail System to NONE.
THIS IS IMPORTANT. otherwise previous mail file will be overwritten with new file and all Emails will be lost.

As shown in the image below . . .

Now Goto ID Info
In Set ID File, select the destination where you want to save the new ID file. This file will contain the new password and will be used by the user.

As shown in the image below . . .

Now Register it. and you will see the following warning.

An entry with the specified person name ‘First Last/xxx’ is already in the Domino Direcotry. Update the entry?
Click YES to continue.

As shown in the image below . . .

3# Now again take user properties, and in mail tab.

As shown in the image below . . .

Save & Close.

Copy the newly created ID file to the users Lotus Notes directory which differs on single and multi installations and different operating systems. Access to the mail file will now be granted by using the new password.

Syed Jahanzaib’s Blog

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