WannaCry Ransomware

The WannaCry cyberattack recently infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide. WannaCry, also known as WannaCrypt, is ransomware, which holds a computer hostage until the user pays a certain amount of money to the hacker. This attack is an unpleasant reminder that our digital lives are constantly under threat.

Who is at risk?
WannaCry ransomware is targeting three versions of Windows in particular:
•Windows 8
•Windows XP
•Windows Server 2003

How to stay protected
•Do not click on any links in untrusted emails or on websites
•Do not visit any untrusted or unreliable web sites
•Check the actual sender’s email address and not just the display address
•Install anti-virus and ensure it is kept up to date
•Enable Windows Updates and ensure the latest security patches are installed
•Regularly take backups of the system, files and folders
•Install anti-malware software and ensure it is kept up to date
•Install the Microsoft March MS17-010 “critical” security bulletin release
•Disable the SMB1 protocol – please note older applications and services that depend on this protocol may stop working

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